Synairea was founded by Renee Keene in 2016.  The intention is that this be a place where people can discover their heart’s desire.

This quiet rural setting offers a place to meditate, relax, enjoy nature and breathe in the energy. Opening our mind, body and spirit to all that is available to us.

We are each inspired in different ways and our goal is to offer a variety of events which speak to as many people as possible. In this fast moving world we need to take time for ourselves to discover our true self, our higher self, our life purpose.

In discovering her higher purpose, Renee established a “Mecca” where one can find health, stability, harmony and balance by using organic and holistic methods.

Events have included: Reiki Master Healings, Intuitive Readings, Soul Family Retreats, Healing Touch, Women’s Circle Gatherings, Mother’s Day Musical Moments of Care and Connection.

Synairea is evolving and expanding into what it is meant to be. We hope you will join us on this wonderful journey!