Synairea is a place for peaceful reflection, finding your bliss, and discovering your heart’s desire. Here people have the opportunity to grow, heal, have fun and make new friends.

Scheduled classes and events are geared to help you uncover your talents, gain personal insight, bring balance and harmony to your life.  Subjects range from energy sessions, intuitive readings, labyrinth protocol, essential oils, healthy cooking, gardening and so much more.

The name Synairea embodies a collection of words which hold great meaning for me. A list was written of these words. Examples from the fifty words used would be: peace, organic, love, angels, respect, consciousness, gratitude etc. Once the list was completed each word was written backwards one after the other so as not to be able to discern which word was which. The list was then meditated upon and letters were circled that spoke to me. Putting those letters into another
list the process was repeated. Before long Synairea was created.

Synairea is located in rural Minnesota just 30 minutes south of St Paul. 

There is a beautiful energy that is experienced here. People have been
known to just stop and stay awhile. Our desire is to share this peace
with as many of you as we can.

See our calendar for currently scheduled events.